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"Entrepreneurs around the world face similar, if not the same, challenges. They have the same questions and need support by other entrepreneurs and experts. This is why I created the Creative Start-Up Academy Community. Let's connect and support each other!" - Christine Michaelis, Founder, Creative Start-Up Academy


Join the Creative Start-Up Academy Community to support each other with the challenges that every entrepreneur is facing. In this community you will:

- Be part of an amazingly supportive community

- Get support from the other Creative Start-Up Academy members and myself (Christine)

- Get your questions answered

- Get access to free resources

- Get links to free monthly webinars

- Get inspiration

- Get book recommendations

- Find business partners

- Inspire others by sharing your story with other members

- Get exclusive discount on all online courses

Join now to get all the benefits and support you need! Access to the Creative Start-Up Community comes automatically with every paid online course.

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Christine Michaelis
Christine Michaelis

Christine is a trained Coach and NLP Practitioner. She has worked in marketing and advertising for more than 10 years before she decided to start her own business as a Marketing and Creative Start-Up Coach. Now she is supporting students at universities across Europe as well as working with individuals and small businesses. With her hands-on approach, she has helped hundreds of individuals validating their business idea and creating a successful start-up. She has poublished books called 'The Start-Up Formula - 6 easy steps to start your own business' (www.startup-formula.com) and 'The Marketing Formula - 6 steps that will make marketing easy' (www.marketing-formula.com).


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